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Welcome. On this site you’ll find some of the specialty covert equipment and services that Investigative Mechanics is known for and that we supply to law enforcement and human rights organizations.

Our world is a place of special cameras, systems, devices — and people to outfit you with the latest tools and essential information to achieve outstanding results on your next project. Tools like the COOLL long-lens bag, ever-evolving concealments, covert robotics and surveillance vehicles, and the latest generation of our HHX — a Wi-Fi LiveView buttoncam DVR kit with a smartphone monitor, shown below.

If you’re an officer, agent, activist, operative or a passionately involved crusader for human rights, animal rights, environmental/earth rights or the law, let us know how we can work with and help your organization.

Today, the need for the latest technologies and expertise on how to use them effectively is more important than ever. We supply both. We have a passion for Justice...Undercover.

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Undercover journalists and tv producers worldwide have turned to us for over 30 years for insightful, engaging and entertaining tv production and when the truth must be documented using technically advanced methods.

Our cutting edge technology, custom solutions and creative collaborations with clients have resulted in great success. You’ve seen our work on all the major networks. Our clients include

  • ABC NEWS, PrimeTime, 20/20, Lookout
  • CBS NEWS, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours
  • NBC NEWS, Dateline
  • PBS, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, NHK, HBO, America Undercover, Showtime, Discovery, National Geographic, History, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, among many others

Look through our site to learn about some of the custom specialty HD production systems and services we provide to tv journalists, reality producers and investigative news organizations.

Call or email us about your next project.

212-242-4324 (office), 917-520-8400 (cell)

Professional Covert Camera Systems

HHX V3 Now Available! WI-FI LIVEVIEW 1080p60 ButtonCam/DVR kit. Shown in the left photo, our HHX is an easily concealable buttoncam camera system with unique features used in high-end undercover work. See specs.

Network/Affiliate? i-Team pricing available

HHX covert live buttoncam system equipment in vehicle trunk control room for covert cameras