HHX HD ButtonCam/DVR Professional Covert Camera System

hhx camera hhx camera
hhx streaming board hhx covert eyeglass case

HHX60p Kit

HHX buttoncam kit
HHX Kit complete $3950
(Special pricing available)

Full kit includes:

  • HHX60p HD ButtonCam/DVR
  • 2 Li-ion HHX Batts (4hr & 8hr)
  • Li-ion Battery Charger
  • HD Field Player/Cam/LiveView
  • HD Field Batteries/Charger
  • Modular Button/Screw Set - USB, HDMI cables, adapters
  • Custom TacT Shirt
  • 32GB microSD card
  • Field Case

The HHX is a small high definition, high resolution and easily concealable ButtonCam DVR Wi-Fi camera system used in high-end undercover work. This state-of-the-art compact package fits seamlessly behind any buttondown shirt, blouse or any garment; in a bag or purse, or whatever works for your scenario.

Using our TacT shirt (shown with vibrating remote and micro-mics) makes storing batteries and other accessories a cinch. Other outstanding features are the ability to see what you’re recording live on the included smartphone and the option to back up and wirelessly copy immediately to the smartphone any files you’ve recorded on the HHX. 6+ hours battery life, 5.5 hours record time at 1080p60 on a 64GB microSD card; 8+ hours at 1080p30, and a full 22 hours at 720p30.

Covert Live Streaming Board

HHX stream board

Slip our optional video streaming board into a pocket or purse, connect an HDMI cable to an HHX or HXX and now your LIVE! Covert! Anywhere! Ustream, Livestream, Youtube, a generic RTMP interface allows you to stream to any platform you choose, public or private.

HHX Specs

  • 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p30, 720p120, 480p30 5.1 Dolby Stereo, Twin Micro-Mics, Audio MUTE micro switch
  • Vibrating Remote Control - LED Verification
  • 120, 170 Degree FOV - 3 Element Pinhole Lens
  • Exmor 16mp Low Light Sensor - Supports 64GB MicroSD card
  • Built-In WiFi and Remote Cam control LiveView
  • Steady Shot, Micro HDMI Out
  • Bit Rate 25Mbps (at 1080p), MP4 File Extension
  • HD Field Player/Camera/LiveView — A smartphone to see what you’re shooting live; change certain camera functions including Record & Standby; and the ability to play back the microSD card in your HHX. And it’s also a 13MP HD camera and unblocked international cellphone.
  • Wireless COPY or UPLOAD File Capability