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StreeTVision Remote Inc. provides covert camera services to network, cable, and independent television producers. Cutting edge technology, custom solutions and creative collaborations with our clients have resulted in stunning successes for 30 years. We bring unparalleled experience and dedication to every project.

Investigative Mechanics Inc., launched in 1998, provides specialty covert gear to intelligence and law enforcement agencies, human and animal rights organizations, investigative journalists and other crusaders. Assessing undercover tactics and techniques and exchanging ideas results in substantially improved gear and successful missions.

IMEYEZ.ORG   We are in the process of forming a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and supporting Human, Animal and Earth Rights throughout the world.

High quality hidden, covert, and undercover cameras and equipment are essential tools in the fight against some of the most brutal and inhumane crimes committed against humanity, especially children, animals and the earth itself. When used critically and when necessary, these covert methods can help get proof of egregious and criminal behavior, usually not obtainable any other way. Critical and decisive evidence of abuse is often instrumental in fighting injustice and easing suffering worldwide. IMEYEZ.ORG will provide research/development, distribution and training of professional covert cameras and equipment and undercover methods to support Human/Animal/Earth rights organizations and investigators.

Award-winning undercover investigations include:

Children for Sale
Sex Slaves
Slaves to Fashion
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