AquaCam HD 1080p60 BottleCam

aquacam aquacam
aquacam aquacam

Water bottles are a great stealthy method for many covert scenarios. Our HD AquaCam combines outstanding image quality, long battery life and ease of operation. LiveViewWi-Fi capability allows you to see what you’re shooting and change certain camera functions low-profile and live with included smartphone!


  • 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p30, 720p120, 480p30 5.1 Dolby Stereo, Twin Micro-Mics
  • Vibrating Remote Control - LED Verification
  • 120, 170 Degree FOV - 3 Element Pinhole Lens
  • Exmor 16mp Low Light Sensor - Supports 64GB MicroSD
  • Built-In WiFi and Remote Cam control LiveView
  • Steady Shot, Micro HDMI Out
  • Bit Rate 25Mbps (at 1080p), MP4 File Extension
  • HD Field Player/Camera/LiveView — A smartphone to see what your shooting live, change certain camera functions including Record & Standby and the ability to play back the microSD card in your HHX...and it’s also a 13MP HD camera and unblocked international cellphone.
  • Wireless COPY or UPLOAD File Capability

AquaCam Kit

aquacam kit
AquaCam Kit complete $3950

Full kit includes:

  • Aquacam HD Bottle camera
  • 2 Li-ion Batteries
  • Li-ion Battery Charger
  • HD Smartphone/Field Player
  • Spare Batt and Charger
  • 32gb microSD card
  • Field Case