Concealments and Accessories

camera concealed in a sharpie camera concealed in a tobacco
camera concealed in a dustmask camera concealed in a chapstick

The photos above show HD cameras concealed in a Sharpie, a tobacco pouch, a dust mask, and a chapstick.

We build custom High Definition concealed cameras into everything and anything — on people, in places, in objects. Where people would not think to look is where you'll find our expertise on specialty concealments. Because that is often what it takes to get the story, get the evidence or get the indictment.

Call us with your outrageous objective. We may already have designed the tools you need to get justice undercover.

The photos below show HD cameras concealed in (clockwise from upper left) a flag pin, an IR POV, an Asian necklace, micro 940mm covert IR emitters, IR camo-cams, and an asthma inhaler and a candybar.

camera concealed in flag-pin concealed camera in IR POV camera concealed in jewelry
cameras concealed in inhaler and candybar camera concealed in camo bag concelaments IR emitters