Covert Operative Long Lens (COOLL) Bag

COOLL long-lens bagcam COOLL long-lens bagcam

COOLL Bag is a 30x zoomable HD BagCam that allows the operator to covertly see their target and target area and perform smooth long-lens pans, tilts and zooms undetected on the periphery of target scenarios. All hardware is built into a unisex computer-type shoulder bag. The lens is low profile and partially concealed.

How the COOLL bag works

Adjusting the shoulder straps so the bag is comfortably under the arm allows accurate positioning of a modified HD camcorder hidden in the top of the bag. A small handheld remote zoom control mounted under the bag fits invisibly in the operator’s hand. A LiveView camera image is displayed on the included cellphone device, which acts as a portable, undetectable viewfinder. Remote long-range live monitoring of COOLL is available via a built-in COFDM microwave TX/RX up to 2000-foot range (with no latency) or a built-in streaming encoder with worldwide range (with 4sec to 100sec delay)that is viewable anywhere in world on an Internet streaming protocol. These COOLL Bags have been successfully deployed on many television shows and in undercover sting operations.

COOLL Bag Specs


  • Sensor: 1/2.88" Exmor R
  • Lens: 30x optical 20x digital zoom
  • Resolution: 6.6MP
  • Digital video format: MPEG2 AVCHD
  • Video capture: 1080i60 1080p30 1080p60
  • Bit rate: 17-28Mbps
  • Media: SD card supports 64GB

Live Transmission

  • Short range: 2.4GHz to cellphone (operator 'viewfinder')
  • Long range: 1.2GHz TX COFDM digital (2000'+or -)
  • Longer range: Streaming encoder to laptop/tablet is viewable anywhere (must have wi-fi + up to 60sec delay)