Specialty & HD Gear Rentals

Email us or call us with questions about specialty covert camera equipment and systems for your project, whether for law enforcement, human rights or undercover tv journalism. We are here to help you and to work with you to make your undercover project successful. Rentals are subject to our rental terms and conditions.

Specialty and HD Gear are also available for purchase. Call for prices.

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Bodyworn/Covert Cameras

HHX buttoncam kit
HHX Buttoncam Kit $550/day
The best undercover buttoncam kit available gives outstanding HD image quality, long battery life, vibrating remote, LIVE image to cellphone, Stereo MicroMics
AquaCam HD Kit
AquaCam HD Kit $550/day
Covert HD BottleCam kit; outstanding image quality, long battery life, vibrating remote, LIVE image to cellphone
I.M. BagCam $450/day
Man’s, woman’s, unisex, covert HD bag and purse cams, outstanding image quality long battery life, vibrating remote, LIVE image
Cell Cam
HD Cell Cam $300/day
Camera shoots out of top of cell for a perfect shot of target while operative is 'texting'. LIVE image on cell phone screen, can be quickly changed to blank screen
COOLL Bag System $400/day
30x zoom camera bag used for shooting targets covertly from a distance; covert cell phone type 'viewfinder', optional long-range TX/RX systems available


Sony BRC H-900
Sony BRC H-900 $750/day
w/ controllers
Sony BRC H-700
Sony BRC H-700 $600/day
w/ controllers
Sony EVI HD7
Sony EVI HD7 $300/day
w/ telemetrics

Remote Head Cameras

Toshiba HD1
Toshiba HD1 $350/day
All lenses: 2, 2.8, 4, 8, 15, 25mm primes; 7-117 zoom

Portable HD DVRs

NanoFlash $150/day
Atomos Samurai-Ninja $150/day
2.5-inch SATA up to 1TB

Small HD Monitors

Small HD Monitors
Small HD Monitors $150/day
Sony, Marshall, Atomos, Lilliput

Wireless Video (900MHz, 1.2, 1.4, 2.4, 5.2, 5.8GHz; some frequencies for Law Enforcement use only)

Wireless Video
COFDM Diversity Digital HD
HD-SDI/HDMI in-TX size 90mm x 60mm x 25mm 1000’ range $1200/day
Wireless Video
COFDM Diversity Digital SD
Comp in-TX size 90mm x 50mm x 25mm
1000’ range
Wireless Video
Coherent Diversity Analog SD
Comp in-TX size 50mm x 40mm x 15mm
200’ range
Wireless Video
Covert Live Streaming Encoder Board


Thermal Cameras

FLIR HS Series
FLIR HS Series $600/day
Handheld Thermal Imaging camera/recorder
(Export restricted)
FLIR Pathfinder
FLIR Pathfinder $250/day
Compact mountable 19mm, 36 degree FOV thermal imaging camera

Infrared Cameras

Infrared Cameras
Assortment of IR-capable modified cameras, camcorders and IR emitters $call

Long Lens Surveillance MiniCamcorders

Sony P700
Sony P700 w/3x 4.0 $350/day
Extender, small rear zoom control, Optical Stabilizer, Remote Finder, High Hat. Great low-profile Vehicle Surveillance Kits