Covert Robotics — Concealed PTZ Cameras

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robotics robotics

Where will you find advanced covert robotics? Elegant restaurants that cater to white collar criminals. Chop shops where car thieves and rogue gang members deliver. And any other location and scenario you can imagine is where we build, bury, hang and hide cameras that remotely pan, tilt and zoom. It could be a palm size PTZ we slide behind a bottle of Scotch at a downtown bar. Or a 360-degree camera in a Halloween witch’s head! We build creative hides to go along with the robotic cameras and equipment we provide to law enforcement and television directors.

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We design and operate custom-built PTZ/Robotics for

  • What would you do? ABC
  • To Catch a Predator NBC
  • Law & Order, Crime & Punishment NBC
  • ABC News, 20/20, PrimeTime Live, Lookout
  • CBS News, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes
  • NBC News, Dateline
  • Multiple law enforcement sting operations

The photos below show HD PTZ cameras concealed in a restaurant and an electrical transformer, and a 16-hidden-camera control room.

Covert robotics ptz camera in hide Covert robotics ptz camera in transformers Covert robotics control room